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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
bobby has a point. direct democracy is an alternative to our system but, I disagree that it is better. With direct democracy you are depending on the dumb masses(say it quickly for proper effect) to vote on sometimes very complicated issues. I prefer to elect representatives whose judgement I trust and whose job it is to know more about those issues than I have time to learn.

Ps. Nice job Bob. that's one down and eleven more to go
Thats the thing, in Switzerland the "dumb masses" are littered with rich capitalists. So it stands to reason they would want a direct vote. Apply that shit to your average "dumb masses" country, like the UK, and it'll all go to shit. The thought of giving your average UK citizen direct power is scary.

But yes. I agree with Bobby in essence. If you have a country with a well balanced educated population, then direct diplomacy is the way to go. I'm just not sure such a country exists.
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