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=slapshot;1497031]I like realism, shows not to big on that but its good.
well... nothing says realism like dead people with re-animated brains eating the living.

A little ot but a few months ago I saw where the UK had something like 24 cyborgs that they were doing God knows what with and I can't find anything about it in the media now.
this sparked my curiosity. Found some stuff.

Professor Kevin Warwick was born human but that was just an accident: he really wants to be a cyborg; part man, part machine. He has just taken the first step by implanting a miniature computer into the main nerve canal of his arm. Through this he will link himself to the Internet via another computer.

Now hes connected, the experiments on his nervous system will begin. He will try and develop new senses, design electronic drugs - those that will make him happy or sad with a few pulses of electricity - then, he will begin exploring the outer limits of his newly created man-machine consciousness.

can Cyborg vs Zombie movies be far off?

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