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Dexter Morgan
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I don't know if OP still wants help but since this was bumped I guess I will try to give my advice. Working out is useless of you don't lose more calories then your daily caloric limit. Go google a calorie maintenance calculator and put in your age, height, and weight. It will give you a number of how many calories you would need to consume to stay the EXACT same. Now you have that number you need to be under that everyday, I would suggest about 300 from diet and whatever you lose from working out. Eat 5 portioned meals a day rather that 3 large meals, this will keep your metabolism running and essentially make it easier for you to burn fat. Don't ever let yourself go hungry! When you do, your body uses your muscles as fuel rather then the food, so eat when your hungry, even if it's just a handful of almonds.

As for workouts, google "HIIT" it's way too much to explain but basically it's going all out for a short period of time with little rests, it shocks your body and goes into fat burn mode and burns calories and fat for 24 straight hours.

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