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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
I really like this site. Sadly some members really do turn me away.

I am a Sonnen fan, but a lot of his trollers really rub me the wrong way.

This whole everyone praise Nick Diaz (the biggest douche bag alive) really doesn't make me want to even look at threads in the UFC section. I thought Ari was dumb for leaving after he won. Now I am starting to slightly see where she was coming from.

Unfortunately I think it will be the members that push me away, not my interest in the sport fading.
Seems like you are just extremely whiny and get butthurt when people don't share your opinions.

"Waaah! Everyone hates on Sonnen who is a cheat, liar and scumbag! WHY!????????"

"Waaaah! Nick Diaz is doing well and I hate him yet everyone keeps praising him! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"

Get over yourself or just go quietly (un)like Ari. There are hundred of posters here. The forum will recover.

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