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Originally Posted by Andrus View Post
I discovered Modern Family for myself a few weeks ago so today's the day I'm doing a little marathon on it. Plus, I haven't smoked now for 6 days! Thought it's the right time to quit. been enyoing it for 5-6 years and pack-a-day isn't workin for my cardio. I feel great!
Good job man

There are two humps, if you can quit for a week you've beaten the first hump, if you can be around another person without bumming a cigarette while they smoke, second hump.

I remember my last cigarette as a smoker, a long time back now. Didn't even aim to quit. Was walking off campus tired from exams, last cigarette out of the pack tossed it in one of those portable ash treys they throw up outside stores etc. Debating grabbing another pack on the way home but I was to tired. That was it. Never bought another pack

What would I do without MMAF on a slow Friday night like this?

I'd probably give that semi good looking girl who stroked my knee with her fingertips today and made it look like she didn't do it on purpose a call.
Sir! That is no excuse! Right now there is some attractive girl out there, drinking.. probably contemplating taking home some lucky guy as her silver metal.. You are young! Unladen with progeny! I implore you sir... *realizes its like 4am in germany* Tomorrow! You must call this lass


You cannot tell me you aren't mesmerized by dat ass

If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so. ~ Thomas Jefferson

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