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Originally Posted by JuggNuttz View Post
wow, and here i thought we were cool.... i mean sure i joked about you liking men, but we had a nice back and forth and seemed good afterwards.... this hurts man.... *taps chest* got me right here B..... got me right here.....

and if you thinks ots from fighter disagreements that i dont come here... far from it... hell me and Pheelgood has some pretty good back and forths about Brock... does he piss me off with some of his Brock comments? sure! do i hate or even dislike him? well no not really.... =p it takes alot for me to dislike people, even more for me to hate.... i can tel you there are enough that have fallen into this catagory that its why i dont frequent this site as much. i wont say who they are, but the usual suspects like you and OWNS... are not it. i like OWNS! he makes me laugh! we may not see eye to eye all the time, but i like the guy, i might be one of the few... but i dont care! i like you too Sideways.... i gave you shit, you seemed to roll with it... good in my book!

i still dont see myself being a real active member here again, but im not gonna go into more details about it. love me, hate me, just tolerate me... whatever. i honestly no longer care.

back on this topic, im drinking alone and catching up on Breaking Bad. if HDNet had some live fights, id be watching that.
Well I for one Like ya :P in fact my biggest complaint about you is that while you're around I feel like my title is a lie.. "the forum drunk" not to many guys hold a candle to me with the drink

I'm currently a few glasses in to this cheap pinot grigio and I just popped the top on this "crispin apple cider" pint. Its actually not that bad, just about how a cider should be, not overly sweet but definitely weaker than I'd prefer (5.8%alc).

I do hope you'll be active I always like to read you posts

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