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Monster Brawl movie Starring!!

Lol that completely surprised me. Atleast the movie will have a legit ref.

That might be one of the worst looking movies ever BUT thats part of the attraction. I like movies that dont try to be something they are not. It looks to me like these guys made the movie what it is and had fun with it which i hope translates to a fun movie experience. As long as you go into the movie with expectations being what they should be and not think its going to be some type of life changing movie then you probably wont be disappointed.


It might be just me but i always felt the monster vs monster story is completely underutilized. I always liked the idea of stuff like Freddy vs Jason or Alien vs Predator. Not saying those movies are good but im saying the idea is good. So even though this movie is going to be kind of a joke il still enjoy it with some brew.

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