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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Hey Jug we've never had much interaction but as far as I can remember I've enjoyed your posts.

I think I understand your frustration. The forum is full of rude and ignorant children eager to insult anyone they disagree with. It must be so liberating for them to express their thoughts without the fear of an adult slapping the sh*t out of them and sending them to their room.

I TRY to sidestep and ignore them (unless I feel like poking them ) because there are also some interesting characters here and a few I even think of as friends.

Anyway... just saying, you should post more instead of less.
Holy fricken hell. Talk about hitting the nail on the head! This sums up the entire existence of several posters on this site. I would like to add as well that these same people's insults are things they would never in their life say to anyone in person either. They're actually very insecure, very quiet, and very scared people who feel the need to express those insecurities on the internet in a boisterous manner in attempt to portray themselves as someone they wish they could be in real life.

Don't get me wrong. There's a lot of solid posters who are actually able to control their emotions and contribute greatly to this site. There's a couple members (about 5 or less, and we all know who I'm talking about) that I was referring too.

Overall this site is great. The mods / admin are fair and usually on point. The vast majority of members have a good knowledge of the sport and express their opinions well. Unfortunately those 5 members or less continue on a downward spiral and are starting to effect a lot of other people.

Oh well. Enough of this talk. Anyone know what time the fights air in the UK today? I will be looking for a live stream if it's anytime soon.

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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