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Round one: Furious exchange right away. Griffin able to get takedown out of the scrum. Riley reverses and is on Griffin's back, who is turtling up. Riley is hitting him with a barrage of punches to the head and knees to the kidneys. He won't be able to take a ton of these (I can barely watch). Riley controls his left wrist while continuing to nail him with brutal knees to the ribs and quad. Riley goes body-body-head with his ground and pound. Griffin trying to crawl to fence so he can use it to get back to his feet. Riley having none of it and continues to bully him on the ground. Just over a minute to go. Almost the entire round has been spent with Griffin just trying to survive. Finally, Riley pauses long enough for Griffin to slink out but Riley gets him in a muay thai clinch and nails him with several knees and elbows to the head. Griffin looks wobbly. Thirty seconds left. Riley lands a few leg kicks. Griffin backing up. Another hard inside leg kick by Riley. I'd give the round to Riley, 10-8. Not even close.

Round two: Riley comes forward immediately, going right back to the leg kicks. Front kick to mid section by Riley. Hard outside leg kick by Riley. Muay thai clinch and Griffin is able to get underhooks for the takedown. Griffin on top but Riley working hard for a kimura. While trying to defend, Griffin loses his position and gets reversed. Riley on top again with Griffin on his knees. Side control. We're right back to where we left things in the first round. Riley is laying on Griffin, wearing him down, while he continues to punish him with thumping knees and punches to the side and head. North-south now for Riley. Back to side control. Griffin is really doing nothing to escape or get back up. Griffin half-heartedly tries to slip out the back door and Riley promptly throws him down, this time on his back. Riley has full mount and is pounding on him. Less than a minute to go. Very bad for Griffin. Riley goes for the rear-naked choke. Doesn't look like he'll have enough time. More ground and pound from Riley. Round ends with Riley very nearly choking him out. Saved by the horn. 10-9 for Riley.

Round three: Griffin starts out with lazy outside leg kick. Riley backs him up against fence. Griffin swings with a big right, then follows with several punches. Somehow, in the chaos, Griffin tags Riley and sends him to the canvas! Griffin smells blood, jumps on him and finishes him with punches. Wow! Amazing comeback. Griffin was down huge and needed a finish. He got it. Devastating for Riley, who had the fight won.

Final Results: Cody Griffin via TKO (strikes) at 0:32 of round three

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