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Round one: Cutts throws lazy jab and gets taken down in the blink of an eye. Penn on top but Cutts doesn't stay down long. On his way up, Cutts gets underhooks and pushes Penn against the fence. Cutts throws high knee from the clinch. Penn answers. Penn throws hard right hand to Cutts' ribs. Penn circles off the fence but is pushed right back into the same spot. Cutts lands knee to outside thigh then gets double leg takedown. Cutts is on top now in side control. Penn very active from the bottom and able to get up quickly. Penn now has Cutts against the cage and gets a very nice double leg takedown of his own. Penn inside Cutts' full guard. Penn postures up to throw a punch and Cutts' very quickly escapes to his feet. Penn has big goose-egg on his forehead. Cutts has Penn on the fence again and lands a knee. Penn backs away and lands several huge left hooks going backwards. Cutts looks staggered. Penn Comes forward and gets the takedown. Cutts reverses and is on top looking for a d'arce choke. Penn escapes. Back to standing position. Dirty boxing against the cage. Cutts working for another double leg takedown and he gets it. Penn controlling Cutts' neck. Cutts slips out and lands a few good punches on his way out. 10-9 round for Cutts.

Round two: Cutts comes out jabbing. Cutts comes forward and throws a good combo of hands and feet. Penn answers with another good left hook. Cutts pushes forward and lands another takedown. Cutts has Penn in a bad spot, controlling his head in a leglock, while punching him in the ribs and looking for a submission. Penn is able to roll out and is on his back in full guard. Cutts passes to side control. Cutts is controlling Penn and starting to land some good ground and pound. Penn is not threatening at all from the bottom. Cutts is really starting to land some damaging punches from the top. Two minutes left. Full mount for Cutts. Penn gives up his back. Cutts has the hooks in and is going for the choke. Penn doing everything he can to survive. One minute left. Very bad position. Cutts continues to plant punches on the side of Penn's head. This could get stopped soon. Cutts goes for the choke once again. Very deep. Penn barely makes it out of the round. It won't be, but it should be a 10-8 round for Cutts.

Round three: Penn comes out and looks half unconscious on his feet. Very weird. Hands down as Cutts hits him in the head multiple times. Penn appears to have totally given up. Cutts lands a right hand that sends Penn plummeting to the mat. Cutts on top. Reagan's brother B.J. is now screaming in the corner for Reagan to get back up and work out of this spot. Cutts working for arm triangle. Very close. Penn rolls over. Three minutes to go, lots of time. Penn is not even fighting back anymore. Cutts lands a few hammerfists. Cutts trying to get full mount. Penn somehow gets back up but is met with a hard knee to the body by Cutts. Two minutes to go. The fight is up against the cage. Cutts using knees to wear Penn down. Penn leaning over but hand isn't down so he is able to get kneed in the head twice. Penn looks like a kid on the playground being bullied, waiting for someone to step in and help him. Hard to watch. Cutts takes him down again and is pounding on his head. Cutts goes for another choke with 30 seconds to go. It looks like Penn will escape without being finished. 10-8 for Cutts in my book.

Final Results: Evan Cutts via unanimous decision

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