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Nobody had any faith in the mainiac:

Round one: Sylvia throws a couple big right hands right away. Kraniotakes backs away and gets tied up by Sylvia against the cage. Sylvia working dirty boxing to the midsection. Sylvia working the knees now, still pinning Kraniotakes against the fence. Sylvia backs up, clinches the back of the neck and lands a knee to the head. Back on the fence. Sylvia lands a few strikes. Kraniotakes throws a few wilds punches and lands a couple. Kraniotakes reverses and has Sylvia on the fence but not for long as Sylvia circles off. Sylvia continues to land short punches to the rib cage and inside knees. Referee breaks them up and back to center. Kraniotakes lands a huge spinning back elbow and then a good combination of punches. Sylvia looks fazed by it and clinches up. Sylvia with an elbow out of the clinch. One minute left. Sylvia leaning on Kraniotakes, trying to wear him down. Sylvia lands a good knee to midsection. Kraniotakes going for double leg takedown and eats a knee in the process. Kraniotakes still going for it but runs out of time. Round one over. Should be 10-9 for Sylvia.

Round two: Kraniotakes comes out on fire, landing a nice leg kick and a good punching combo. Sylvia goes back to the default and grabs hold of him, pushing him towards the cage again. Sylvia working elbows and knees. Kraniotakes having a lot of trouble getting out of the clinch against the must bigger Sylvia. Referee separates. Sylvia clinches almost right away and they're right back where they were. Kraniotakes goes for judo leg sweep but it's entirely ineffective. Ref separates them again. Sylvia lands a good right jab. Kraniotakes clinches this time and pushes Sylvia against the cage, only to get reversed...again. Clinch in the center of the cage and Kraniotakes eats a few elbows to the head. Kraniotakes goes for double leg takedown but is stuffed. Sylvia on top with about 40 seconds to go. Sylvia in full guard. Kraniotakes takes a deep breath, looks at the clock and clearly wants the round to be over. Mercifully (for Kraniotakes and the viewers), the round comes to a close. 10-9 Sylvia.

Round three: Kraniotakes lands good leg kick. Sylvia comes forward and clinches again. Not a fun fight to watch at all, but Sylvia is certainly winning. Sylvia with some good inside knees. Lots of dirty boxing. Kraniotakes looks very winded. Three minutes to go. Referee separates and the two exchange several good punches. Kraniotakes gets the better of the exchange, but is tied up by Sylvia right away. Ref separates once more. Sylvia ties him up instantly. The crowd loudly booing. Get out the riot gear. Another separation. A PRIDE yellow card would be great right about now. Round ends with Sylvia leaning on Kraniotakes against the fence, where most of this fight was spent. They say there's no such thing as an ugly win. They were wrong. 10-9 round for Sylvia and a decision victory.

Final Results: Tim Sylvia via unanimous decision

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