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Mon 11-08 : AM 3 mile run, PM karate, cardio drills and bag drills and not the usual drudgery, fortunately.
Tue: MT was the customary mat jog/jump rope/shadowbox warmup, then partner pad work and bag work. The gym owner, who is also the BJJ instructor, just won his first ammy MT match at heavyweight.
Wed: BJJ. Mount escape (push your fists into their gut and bridge and shrimp out hard) and guard passing drills; I also used the butt floss move successfully for the first time in rolling live. The instructor's 7-year-old son busted out laughing when he heard that term. I learned that trying for a collar choke in guard is a terrible idea. This is what comes of virtually no newaza in judo apart from choke drills where nobody is trying to submit you. I should have known this all along, as it's leaving an arm out. My teacher double-armbarred me as I tried to stack, to his great amusement.
Thur: MT, a ton of pad and bag work, like I like it.
Fri: rested
Sat: Judo, maybe 6-8 demanding drills and the rest was standing around talking, mostly because the guy who likes to throw makikomi throws doesn't realize that it's your last throw on your feet.

I should mention that as of the first of Dec. I'll just be a gym member at the dojo up the road, so my daughter and I can run. I won't particularly miss karate, except for some of the people I took classes with, who were great. I will miss judo quite a bit and will try to sneak into class here and there, but the opportunity to train MT with a guy who previously only trained pros or gave private lessons for $50/hr, and BJJ with a student of Chuck Anzalone, who trained and got his black belt under Carlson Gracie and de la Riva, after Carlson died, is too great to pass up.

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