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Worked 5 12 hour shifts last week and couldn't find the energy to live, let alone workout.

Solid workout today.

Started off with a light warm-up then technical JJ work, then rolled. Almost got subbed by a guillotine but ended up finishing with a Kimura. The JJ segment felt way too short (planning for a longer one tomorrow) not sure why it was so short and losery.

Did some technical stand up stuff after that, mostly moving and working to body off of the jab.

Did a mach 3/3 amateur fight. Its 3/3 instead of 3/5 because I've found over the years that I'm a pacey f*ck, and with those additional 2 minutes, I can move and feint and look more assured openings, in this case its more about keeping the pace high and staying aggressive, which isn't my style really, but if the most I get from it is better cardio and a feeling of more well-roundedness, that's okay too. Ended up finishing in the third by RNC.

Had aimed for some powerlifting after a short recovery break, instead the internet stole my soul and I played video games...

Diet has been pretty good actually. I can feel and see myself getting into better shape, hope to reach my goals before spring. It'll be a little rough to get there by then, but its completely doable.

I'm pretty happy with my eating. Since I got a promotion, I've been working 12 hour shifts, get paid way more so worth it. And I've been able to keep my diet in line and not overeat, or eat poor quality fast food with any regularity.

Things feel like they're starting to kind of fall into place and if I can maintain this pace, I can keep myself energized.

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