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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post

I'm from Germany and I've had my first English class at the age of 12. I was fluent by 16-17 but that was probably due to the US army being stationed near my town at that time so I've had lots of practice (and still have). The one thing that wasn't easy was learning the pronunciation of certain words that are spelled the same but pronounced differently. Like wound (as in injury) and wound (as in "he had a bandage wound around his head") or object ("I object") and object "an object")... the list goes on... but I never found that to be particularly difficult.

I should add I was always good with languages. English and Latin were my easiest (and only) A's at school.
I actually am serious lol. I even learned that in my highschool class.

I dont mean to hurt your ego but i learned English pretty fluently within a year and a half. I came to America in the 4th grade and by the end of the 5th grade i pretty much had no problem with the language. I dont even have an accent surprisingly. But i learned English in America while you learned it in Germany so that isnt very surprising.
German i learned while i lived there for about 6 years and Bosnian i learned from just being around my family.
The younger you are the easier it is to pick up languages. I took a spanish class about 2 years ago and lets say it wasnt as easy as it was when i was a youngin. But that could partly be because im not as motivated and already speak 3 languages fluently. Not many people can say that. But i should add that i cannot write Bosnian since i never went to school over there. I was too young.

You cannot be that surprised that English is the hardest language to learn??? You ever listen to the language?

Two,to,too,where,were,we're,Well,Well (As in where water springs from the ground),Lie,Lye,Lie (Lie down),I,Eye,die,dye,Left,Left (object left behind),Saw,Saw,

Imagine trying to learn that stuff?? It would make absolutely no sense. And our language has been watered down with so much slang that it makes less and less sense every day.

"You got beef!"
"Shes da bomb"
"Somewhere in bum Fu*k idaho"
"Carpet Muncher"
"What up dog"
"Thats dope"
"Thats sick"
"Cool" (Cool as in temperature)

and sooo many more.

And these are used in every day conversations.

Then we add the ever growing text speak and its enough to blow anyones mind.

The more and more you think about it the English language just makes absolutely no ******* sense.

Here is a little article about top 10 reasons why English is a hard language.

English speakers obviously wont find English to be a hard language to learn because they already know it. But imagine you are 20+ and dont speak a lick of the language.

"A LICK of the language" This language really is ****ed lol

Also as you can tell i dont have the best grammar and thats due to the schools being in different stages from all the traveling iv done when i was younger so it forced me to miss a huge part. I basically had to learn basic grammar rules on my own. If i am writing a paper it isnt very hard because when i go over it i can pick up on all my mistakes BUT when im just writing as im thinking its not as easy for me to make everything proper. It just has never become second nature for me i guess. But i get B's on my papers normally so as long as i can pull that off i dont really mind.

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