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Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
I approve of this!!!

Can't wait for FFX HD remake that is in the works
Yahh!! I still need to buy the other HD remakes like the Metal Gear Solid one and also the Zone of Enders HD. Zone of Enders was the funnest robot game when i was young. FFX was a good one too.. much better then the recent ones imo. Though i am looking forward to the new one. You can capture monsters and use them in battle. I love that..

Originally Posted by Alessia View Post
I didn't like it much. I'll just be happily sticking to WoW and a few 360 games for now.

Skyrim like a mother****er though!
Skyrim is going to be awesome. The last Elder Scrolls i played though was Morrow Wind and i loved that game. So im going to get Skyrim for sure and see how much the game has come.

Originally Posted by Leed View Post
Sideways, are you planning to buy Diablo 3 too? Can't wait for that, and I'm not even a Diablo fan (as in, I didn't play the first two), but it looks awesome. Blizzard is awesome, but I got tired of WoW and its monthly fees, so D3 will be like a breath of awesomely fresh air!

Oh, and I'm getting MW3 and a new headset (Razer Chimaera), so get ready xbox bitches to kick sum ass.
Oh yes definitely. I loved Diablo 2 and had one of the best accounts in the game. My equipment was perfect on almost all my characters. I was young so i was able to spend alot of time playing haha. Also my parents spend alot of money on Mountain Dew. So i have alot of great memories about Diablo 2 and i couldnt be more excited for Diablo 3.

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