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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
You going to pre order it??? I think i will.

We should play together
I promise im not as mean as people think i am. I just have to uphold this EXTREME TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL TOUGH GUY SHOOT FIRST ASK QUESTIONS LATER SUPER GOOD LOOKING ULTRA SMART persona on this forum so i dont get taken advantage off.

I am too but i can also appreciate a good PC game. LoL,CS,SC2,Diablo, ETC.

But nothing will beat the greatness of the Final Fantasy series. Oh how i love FF.
If FF7 was a girl i would spend every minute of every day trying to figure out how to marry her.
I had SWTOR pre-ordered the first day it was available.

Can't wait.

"You have a big word for a guy who don't have a gi right now." - Renato Laranja
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