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Worked 12s today and yesterday, but two days ago, (Tuesday) had another solid workout.

Started with some mega deep stretching, everything from my ankles to my shoulders tingled as I extended my flexability.

Started with some rolling (since I prefer rolling before I reak of a thousand gorrillas frollicking in the swamps of Dagobah.

Started on the bottom, worked "for the finish" not rounds. Which means it was a long one. Started in guard, but couldn't lock up a closed guard, so I controlled his legs, eventually he broke the guard and passed to half, then side control when I didn't respond accordingly. I ended up mounted, defending light GnP. He jumped on an armbar. He had it locked in, but didn't go thumb-up, so I was able to minimize hyperextention, escape, and ended up taking his back. I dug for the hooks and worked for the headlock, but when I couldn't get the hooks, went fo rthe body triangle. He pushed off the wall and turned slightly into me, making the RNC impossible. I broke the position and slid myself into side control as he tried to scramble. Worked for an finished with an Americana.

In the second go, I was on top and worked methodically from guard. I did a lot of hand fighting and posturing to stay heavy on his chest. I didn't concern myself that much with breaking the guard initially, more with wearing him down and tiring him out. I worked a bit of light GnP to the body while stuck in hand fighting mode. Eventually I broke the guard and stepped over into half guard, and then slid my leg free into side control. More hand fighting and posturing for position ended up with me trying to lock up the arm triangle. I had the head-arm position andworked to step to the other side. I almost got all the way over but got caught in far side half guard. I wiggled my body into a barely half-guardish side control and squeezed the arm triangle tight for the tap.

In the third stanza, was on the bottom again. This time I managed to get the closed guard, but, maybe due to fatigue or slipperiness, or whatever, he snuck out and hopped right into mount. High, suffocating mount. He snagged an arm and torqued an Americana. I tried to use his weight shift to take it to get a sweep, but failed and after a bit of grimacing and struggling, I tapped.

Rolling ended up being about 45 minutes to an hour.

After that did the obligatory kickboxing. Didn't do any 3/3. Just technical stuff on the focus mitts (which are falling apart due to heavy use, need better ones soon).

After a short internet infuzed lol filled break, moved on to some lifting.

Sumo deadlifts (5x3)
Pendlay rows (3x5)
Power cleans (5x2)
Attempted suitcase deadlifts and hang cleans was filled with hate for them and rage quit
Did curls to calm my ego.

Diet is more consistent. Trying to add some more greenery and remove almost all greasiness. I'm mostly succeeding, mostly. Trying to eat less bad, more good, and keep the metabolism up, admittedly the pump up of the metabolism and energy is almost completely the responsibility of the thermogenic, which is causing very positive results to my energy level, which in turn makes me more willing and able to eat better/workout more regularly and harder.

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