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Originally Posted by UFCFAN33
Bisping would deff outstrike hamill. Hamil is a beast when it comes to grappling but his striking skills are nowhere near as good as bispings. Still would be an interesting match to watch. Id say Bisping By Ko/tko
I kindly disagree with your outcome to this fight. Here's why.

You see, this fight - unlike basically all the other seasons of TUF intrigues me. You got "The Count" Bisping who is a much more well-rounded fighter as far as having the total package (strikes, good guard, good takedown defense) goes. - and then you have Matt Hamill who is just a freakishly gorilla strong beast, who just keeps coming straight forward with out stopping. This fight would be very good I think.

I could see Bisping coming out circling, throwing jabs as well as combos - with Hamill coming straight forward all the time, just absorbing the strikes and kicks....Hamill landing some good spread out shots to Bisping with his heavy punches. Here is where it gets interesting. Bisping may or may not get the takedowns. Bisping may be crafty on the ground - but Matt is too damn strong. I could see Hamill getting takedowns with being persistent with his shots - finally getting Bisping down. Bisping would throw stuff up here and there....try to get off the ground - but just get muscled around and controlled while on the canvas. Hamill would just simply over power him. That's why - I could see this fight going either way easily - but if I had to pick one winner - I'll take the upset (in lots of people's eyes), and go with Matt Hamill. Just my two cents.

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