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Originally Posted by G_Land View Post
I honestly think he tapped the first fight. I as screaming he tapped when I watched the fight the first time. And every angle I saw it looked like he tapped to me. But that is just my opinion. Akira has talent dont get me wrong. But when you talk that much shit and brag about your black belt then pull some stuff like he has and then jumps up afterwards trying to fight after the fight is clearly over then I won't try to defend him what so ever.

I know it's a show and they are probably encouraging him to act like that. But he has been warned once by officals about calming down after the fight.

He rearranged his grip. If people want to call him a douche/dick or whatever then his actions brought that on, I just think he it's unfair he has been labelled a cheat.

EDIT: Although on second look at that gif he is trying to rip that knee support off somethign fierce lol

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