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The issue with conspiracys is people seem to always embellish facts.
We know our government has staged attacks in the past, I believe we have a general in prison now for involvement in trying to stage terrorism.

I don't think we'll ever know the full story about 911. I think the bigger issue is having a abundance of proof. At its best 911 was a chain of incompetence that led to a lot of lives lost.

At its worst, a terrorist plot that was allowed to happen so the President could further political policys.

I do think the bankers like the Rockefellers hold a enormous amount of power and we need to deal with that issue but I don't think their power is absolute.

Take articles like this with a grain of salt, some government terrorism conspiracys have in the past been found to be true but alot are false. I don't believe all these people are consolidating or things would be even more corrupt. Americans don't understand what's happened, they are still under the illusion we live in a republic. We have three branches if government and all three have given way to corruption, the white house and the entire political system is plastered in fascism, there is no free market to speak of and lets not forget the courts are overrun with religious nuts as well as corruption.
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