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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Happy Birthday to Me and The UFC!!

18 years ago tonight, my girlfriend at the time threw a small intimate 32nd birthday party for me. Knowing that I always watched boxing PPVís but never watched Pro wrestling, she took a chance and ordered this new thing on PPV.

She went to bed that night pissed at me and knowing that she had started a love affair that would last far longer than the 2 of us. I stayed up watching the tape and slept on the couch.

I donít know why itís taken UFC 18 years to come back to my birthday party but, they are welcome. Itís going to be a good one. All the people I love the most will be there. Mrsfan and my girls, Dana and the boys.

and Captain Morgan
HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD SUNNOVAGUN! Hope it's a good one man!

Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
A happy day for old bastards everywhere.
You existing makes me feel young. Please dont ever leave this place.

On another note,
Skrim just popped through my letterbox. I almost called the postie a c*unt for not delivering it yesterday, but he was considerably larger than myself... so I didn't.

...but I thought it... and thought it with vigour.
Oooh I bet you thought it so hard his testicles retreated!

I'm about to spend more money than I should spent. Doing ALL Christmas shopping and ordering myself Skyrim.

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