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Originally Posted by HaVoK View Post
This is an MMA forum. Blog it.
Its posted in the non-mma part of the forum.

Take articles like this with a grain of salt, some government terrorism conspiracys have in the past been found to be true but alot are false. I don't believe all these people are consolidating or things would be even more corrupt. Americans don't understand what's happened, they are still under the illusion we live in a republic. We have three branches if government and all three have given way to corruption, the white house and the entire political system is plastered in fascism, there is no free market to speak of and lets not forget the courts are overrun with religious nuts as well as corruption.
You're right I don't believe it. This is not a report it's hate looking for justification. It would be just as easy to refute the rest of this so called article, which isn't an article at all but a rant with no sources all meant to justify the last ridiculous sentence.

Ok, so now, I'm gonna provide a timeline of the Rothschild family dating back to early 1700s. Then I will provide ALL of the many sources all this information has been extracted from. Its all legit. Theres nothing at all thats been falsified or exaggerated.

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