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Originally Posted by Ddog0587 View Post
Fantastic Log man . I just spent the better part of my evening reading it. I to am about to embark on my journey of MMA. I about you size as well. You mind telling me what your reach is? Im 6'4 as well but slightly slimmer; I walk around at 190ish) and I hope to fight at 170 if I can. Hopefully I can utilize my reach advantage as I dont see too many 170lbers with a 83.5" reach. Keep up all the hard work man and keep all those little fellas away from you.

I have no idea what my reach is.

6'4 seems extremely tall for 170. I'd worry a bit about Corey Hilling a leg or getting handled by wrestlers at that extreme of a height. Also, cutting from 190ish to 170 at 6'4 is spreading yourself very thin (pun intended). The taller you are, the less water weight you can cut due to a larger portion of your weight being composed of bones, organs, etc. 20lbs is also a HUGE cut for a first fight. You want to gradually build up to such things.

More importantly, if you're just starting on training, don't worry about what weight class you're going to fight at. I know it's exciting and everything to think about, but in reality its such a minor detail of a huge process, and not something you should worry about until you're actually deemed ready to fight and are looking for opponents/organizations. So much can happen to your body between now and then, and your coaches can help you decide at that point.

Hope that makes sense. Good luck!

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