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Originally Posted by Killstarz View Post
I went for Wood Elf as my character. Im a kind of Archer/Conjurer Hybrid.

has anyone had the misfortune of accidently discovering Krosis yet?
I'm a Wood elf too. Dirty bastard who looks like shit. I try to double cross just about anybody I come across. IF somebody needs me to fetch something really important to them, I'll accept the mission, go get the item, and then sell it. If I cant sell it, I'll hoard it. I tend to go back to the person at some point, just to hear them ask excitedly "Have you found my [blah]?!", only for me to shrug my shoulders and say "naa bro" and watch them cry. Little do they know their [blah] is sitting warmly in my pouch.

As for combat? Im 100% a - hide in the shadows and stick arrows in people from long distance - kind of guy. Giggling as they scamper around looking for me.

Lawlessness rocks.
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