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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
I was asking budhisten to hold off banning bobby for another month so he can bow down in shame while I laugh in his face about jones and then comes the banhammer
Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
Realistically we can't hold down on banning members, when we drop the hammer - we have a reason.
I'm being dead serious with this question. Are we absolutely sure that Bobby's account wasn't hacked or taken over by a little brother or something?

The first time I asked about his ban I was told of the some of the political stuff, which took place in topics I generally don't click on. After doing some research I saw what everyone was talking about.

Regardless when he returned I was happy to see him getting another shot. I even sent him some rep like he and I used to saying I was glad he was back... I got no response. Then I started to notice, that not only was he politically driven, but his post in the fighting sections were completely different now. They were brash, rude, and not thought out... not like Bobby at all...

To get back to my original point... that is the same guy, right?
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