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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Man... grave-robbing is seriously time consuming, nowumsayin'?

The archery is still a bit bogus. Not as bad as the first game, but still a bit unpredictable. I can fire an arrow from 50 meters away, and slink into the shadows. But, the dude I hit seems to know exactly where I am. Wassup with that? No way he can hear the bow and come to my exact position. The game just doesn't suit stealth play, it seems.
Yea stealth-range is hard to pull off. I tend to kill guards in 2-3spells (4-5 fireballs will kill 5 guards close together ;D ). I imagine though if you poisoned your arrow and got the sneak bonus do you one hit a lot of guys?

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Conjuration/restoration mage is awesome.

I have Lydia as follower with me most of the time, always have a conjured minion up, so that I have 2 extra sets of damage plus 2 extra people to help take damage off of me. Then, in my other hand I have a conjured bound sword to throw down damage as well, with high points in restoration to keep myself healed up in case of emergency.

Build is holding up quite well
I'm rolling destruction/restoration, with I could add a third spell cast option instead of having to menu screen every time I tend to keep incinerate/fireball on my right and a heal on my left.

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