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Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
It is indeed the same guy... He and I started out in this place at roughly the same time, so we followed each others progress in here and always had each others back...

I've PM'ed him a few times after his change, and it was still the same guy, friendly to me and so on, but nothing - NOTHING, could turn him away from his facsination with Asian culture and especially Japan... Oh, that and Che Guevara.

It's a sad story really :/

But like Rauno said, we've given Bobby lots of chances and believe me, people aren't banned for no reason... We have a set of rules that we operate by, and if you're in violation of those you get infracted.
I hear ya my man... and it is depressing. Everyone gets a little out of line every now and again, (myself included as it comes to dealing with Chael Sonnen)... but you guys do a great job of making sure it doesn't get too out of hand.

It's like I said to MC when he first told me about Bobby... if he said he deserved to be banned, the source was good enough for me.
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