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Originally Posted by box View Post
Noone gets showtime though, i'd have to torrent all the episodes D:
Sad thing is that I have showtime and I still end up torrenting most of my shows

Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
It's driving me mental as well. The entire season has been so static so far. It's had it's high points and I am enjoying it but DAMN it's slow going as hell.

6-7 episodes spent trying to find a girl is pathetic. Two would of been a bit much.

The old farmer vet guy is pissing me off as well, I hope he gets eaten.

I've actually been rooting for the kids to just die so this crap can finally move on. That old farmer is acting all billy badass but the fact is it's zombie apocalypse and hes an old unarmed man dealing with over half a dozen gun toting zombie killers. Push comes to shove they toss that old bastard down the well

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