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I've dabbled in Enchanting. I'm around 29-33 or so in it.

Only problem with enchanting armour, is that you can only enchant it once (unless you have 100 Enchanting) and the enchants are insanely lower than robes.

Take the Arch Mage robes I just got, they have 3 enchants on them 15% reduction on all spells cast, +50 Magicka, 100% extra Magicka regeneration.

No Armour can rival that.

So far I'm casting Ironflesh and Flame Cloak on myself, charging in with a Burning Dagger and Fireball and blowing everything to hell The change to dual heals when needed and it's all dandy.

With the robes and mask, plus a few items and Resto perks I have like 300% Magicka regen.

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