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Second link works. Which one are you in the video? I'm assuming the guy in the red shorts, since its your win. I've embedded it below.

As far as an actual critique of the match goes, I would have to sit down and really look closer at the video in order to give you a good deal of feedback. The one thing that I can say in watching the video is that its very important to play conservative when you're ahead in a match.

If you're well ahead (as you were at the end of the match) is a really bad idea to just go to jump on your opponent's back the way that you did. If you're really confident (like Leozinho level of confidence) in your ability to take the back, then its fine. The problem is that if you over-commit to the position (which you did) you end up on the bottom, and your legs can be in really awkward positions. I've seen guys give up three points on that mistake, I've seen some guys give up seven. If you are comfortable maintaining guard, its still lower risk.

My goal, when I get to the back like that, is to control the hips and attack the back slowly. You're ahead, and if you stay behind the hips and continue to attack the legs, it dramatically increases the likelihood that you're going to get to the back (or to side control, if your opponent rolls really hard and you know what you're doing; though if you're far back and control the hips you can usually just block the roll altogether) rather than falling off over the top.

Anyway, that's my two cents. If you want something more thorough, I'm happy to walk through the match. But, overall, it was a really good match. Strong showing at a solid event, and that's always something to be proud of.

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