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I'm driving along doing the speed limit cop passes me does a tire squealing u-turn middle of the street and middle of traffic. Must have doubled the speed limit and ran a stop light. He pulls me over doesn't get out of his car, additional cop comes after 5 minutes. They approach as a group hands on their guns, the officer that slowly and carefully approached my window took one look at me and I imagine it was almost just as hardcore as he could be said "sir, why aren't you wearing your seatbelt?". It was such a tense moment and it was all about my seatbelt, might not have gotten a ticket but I was hit with the "giggles" and I laughed pretty hard as he took my stuff and went back to his car. I was able to regain composure by the time he got back with my ticket. I was fine at this point until he asked me to respond I managed a yes before laughing some more, he said "now be sure and buckle up" I replied "sure boss" amidst trying to restrain my laughing.

It's gonna cost me 45$. Seriously all that for 45$. I hope they know they have seriously cut into my support single mothers budget this week.

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