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Why oh why is this game so quirky? Every time I'm getting immersed playing my character, something happens that blows it all and makes me want to kick my xbox.

Last night I snuck up on some Nords sitting around a fire. I worked really hard to avoid contact and get in close enough to snipe them with my arrows. The process took easily 40 minutes. I poisoned my arrow and made a little bit of noise to get the attention of one of the Nords so separate him from his friends. As he was walking back I drew and fired my arrow, and it hits a wall that isnt there. There was absolutley nothing between me and him and yet my arrow bounces off thin air 1 meter in front of me. Of course the Nord heard me, turned around and alerted all of his friends. I was pissed. My last save was 45 minutes ago. I died and had to start again. Needless to say, I wasnt willing to go through the whole stealth thing again, so I ran in there with a couple of swords and did it that way. Rubbish. Thats not how I want to play. The stealth is so shite in this game.

Im tiring of it already. For the first time since release, I'm not interested in booting the game up and playing some more. *sigh*. The quirky shit that hasnt changed a bit from Oblivion is all still there. I hate Bethesda. Arseholes.
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