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Thursday April 5th

Weight Training: Chest and Abs

Heavy flat bench press 3 sets x 7,7,6
Heavy incline bench press 3 sets x 5,5,3
Heavy pec-dec flye 3 sets x 7,7,7
Cable flyes 3 sets x 10

Hanging leg raises 3 sets x 15,15,10
Hanging knee raises 3 sets x 10
Cable crunches 3 sets x 20
Oblique/hip flexor exercise on cable 3 sets x 10


Rotation between 4 people of 3 minute rounds with takedowns then finishing on the ground. Each person went against each other one time.

Kickboxing work

15 right outside leg kicks, 15 right inside leg kicks, 15 left outside leg kicks, 15 left inside leg kicks

Then we did 4 2-minute rounds of sparring with leg kicks only using the MT shin pads. We also did takedowns on our last 2-minute round but were tired and didn't shoot too often.

Bag Work

1 set 20 of left jab, right cross, left hook, right straight body shit
1 set 20 of left hook, right hand, left body shot, right hand
1 set 20 of left jab, right hand, left body shot, left hook
1 set 20 of left jab, right hand, left body shot, right uppercut, right knee, right uppercut
1 set 20 of each but SOUTHPAW

Focus Mitts

About an hour of mitt work with me and partner. Worked on speed as well as takedown defense and how to punch/knee on someone trying to take you down. Did roughly 5-6 combos of about 15-20 reps for each person.

Then did 2 3-minute rounds of body shots only with gloves on.

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