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Originally Posted by Hadu
I need a list of all the work outs I should do for mainly fighting purposes.

Thank you.
If you are training to be a fighter, here's what I suggest.

Do lots of bodyweight excersise. In pro MMA you are fighting guys who are the same size and weight as you, so working with your own body weight (pullups, pushups, squats) is a good place to start while building up an appropriate amount of muscle and targeting key muscle groups.

Practice your ground techniques (those seem to require the largest amount of raw strength) with a training partner a little bit larger than you. Do takedowns, throws, groundnpound drills and submissions with partners bigger than you. It helps to build strength.

Use a groundnpound bag at a weight a little bit heavier than you and do should tosses , suplexes, slams and any other throws that require a great deal of physical strength. Make sure that you are exploding to your own full ability as well as practicing form.

Do some reps on the heavybag, but spend most of your time striking with the pads and weight yourself with a body vest, heavy gloves and ankle weights.

And roll and spar alot. The best workout that you can get to train for MMA is to do it. Train your grappling and your striking as much as you can with training partners. It makes you think about the way that everything is going to work in the fight.

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