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Latest workout was kind of an odd one.

After the obl;igatory stretching. Went into a sort of partial contact warm up deal. Only the speed and intensity amped up pretty quickly to the point where it wasn't a warm up just a workout.

Spent the entire time trying to focus on developing my footwork and head movement. I found that I still kind of have a little discomfort letting my hands go. I like to kind of pick at my opponent with one or two punches, but don't really throw three and four punch combos, unless I end up in a flurry situation. Which I look forward to working on tomorrow. The tentitiveness is more of just a minor annoyance now, but it could become a serious problem if I don't nip it in the bud.

Felt like between myself and my training partner I had better cardio. While we were both breathing heavily, I felt I was a little lighter and bouncier on my feet. At one point late in the session I joked, "You tired brah? I can bounce around like this all day dude, my legs went numb like 20 minutes ago!"

I also worked counter-frog kicks to the thigh/inside of the knee with the lead leg. Its actually something I've theoretically known how to do for a couple years now, but after watching Condit, Silva and JJ have so much success with those techniques I figured they're more applicable than I thought, so I've been trying to incorporate them into my total defensive package.

Really didn't do any rolling, defended a takedown near the end of the 45 minute mega-round and scrambled, turning it into my own and landed in half-guard, but that's about it.

I kinda regret that being it, I had planned on at least doing a distance run/sprints, but losered out and just hung out afterwards. Was absolutely drenched in sweat, so it made me feel at least a little better about myself.

My diet has been decent. Nothing cataclysmic to report, but nothing really fantastic either. I think now that I'm fully in control of my eating habits (for the most part, the beast escapes into the fridge every once in a while ) I can start looking at experimenting with some of the theories I've read to try and boost my metabalism, energy and recovery.

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