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I trained my body harder for each opponet who faced me. ther is a saying that when your body is poisoned, your mind is poisoned, so my mentality was to train as hard as possible this was our spirit training; hard, bloody,sweaty and full of bumps and bruises. it was just another day at the office.

Back to the turning point, Jon said My core was weak in 1996, but what the hell was my core? he explained that my care was made of my center stabiliqers that kept me balance, fast and strong. I just remember thinking the word "corews a new fad word like tae bo. what i didnt know was that Jon and his father Bobby were both on the cutting edge of supplemental training devices. they were the ones to contact for health products for rehab strength tendon and ligament development and what is now known as "Core development Training"

Jonwas right; my striking was off balance after I fired a punch. my takedow hip defense was pathetic, so I decided to stay in Madison for a few extra days. Jon invited me to a training sessinon and I remember wanting to roll maby hit some weights. Jon had some new exercises in store for me along with some new products he and his father had developed. I showed up at the gootball stadium and began doing five minuts of 100 revolutions with heavy rope for thwarm-up. Jon made stations for all of us and proceeded to make us go through all of them. I was so sore after this workout that I could barely walk sit caugh sneeze or do anything for the next week without hurting somewhere!

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