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I was disappointed by not pumping iron, but he said not to worry because we were pumping rubber! How could I explain this to my friends? we did rubber medicine ball throws agains the wall jump rope power push ups amd dip. we also did rubber power cable squats , jumps twists and power cleans. we ran th ladder and did 50-yard sprints after all of that we gradually did the power wheel.

when I was shaking and twisting uncontrollably Jon's friends all shouted that I didn't look like much of a champion. While I faked laghed,sneered at themand sucked my thumb! If you do this workout like me youll be sore for days at first then your abs will pop out your obliques will be ripped and your love handles will disappear.

by doing all of this and making your core stabilizers strong, your overall game will improve. Jon kiked my coreless weak as and showed me the alternate ways to do the same. this was truly and ewe opener and a hallmark in the development of my fighter training today. every time I train my guys, I thank the crew over a lifeline USA for changing my body and game. what I've done now is develop the same power core development training routine on dvd, utilizing the power rope power cord with belt and power weel. this will soon be available for puchase on my website,"

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