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Originally Posted by Assassin View Post
Not trying to hijack but are any of you planning to play SWTOR in the upcoming months?

I played WoW for about 4 years on and off. I used to be heavy into pvp but gradually settled on just pve. I play over in Darkspear Alliance
Wow I am really late to responding to this, but the answer would be maybe. I have pretty much completely lost my interest in WoW over the last month. I am not sure how eager I am to jump into another MMO again. Takes a lot of commitment to be a really good, geared and high level player.

I have been playing console games whenever I am playing now.

I was top 7ish mage on my server and 2nd or 3rd overall player gearwise in my guild before i left. Ended up 1/7 Heroic FL. My server has been dying a lot lately. 2 top guilds have left and others on the way out. Org is a ghostown now and that didn't help my interest level at all.

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