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Im still trying to come up with my list for this thread, but I am a bit confused. Are we saying influential as in their accomplishments somehow changes MMA for the better or is it about popularity, as in they helped make MMA more popular? (and yes that is for the better, but I hardly find that significant to call them influenetial). example (not MMA) David Caradine played Kwai Chang Caine (grasshopper) in the 70's tv series Kung Fu. At the time, the man had absolutely no martial arts training, but, helped to make the martial arts popular in the United States. So, does that make David Caradine an influential figure in martial arts? I hope not. But I can even stretch this example question a little thinner and say since David Caradine helped to make the martial arts popular, and since Mixed Martial Arts is derived from that, can we then say that David Caradine helped make MMA popular and thus should be considered an influential figure in MMA? OK, that is getting pretty thin, but that is where I am having my problem making my list. anyway, end of example... Also, it looks to me that alot (not all) the posts, when they refer to MMA they are only talking about the UFC and they are limiting the discussion to America or North America. I find it hard to think of MMA and not atleast think of Japan and Brazil. And I have come to take this thread as meaning Modern MMA, the sport we enjoy today.
Hmmmm this is a hard thread to do justice to. But I definately like this thread and look foreward to reading more peoples ideas concerning this.

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