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Originally Posted by Randy GNP
Tito Ortiz... are you kidding? No offense but the guys was a little punk with out any real skills. He can wrestle a little, and he was an agressive puncher. That's all. The only reason he was so successful is because for some reason people like fighters who talk shit.

dude i dont know who this post is directed too... but this thread is a question based on 1's opinion, therefore you cant tell people who and who they havent been inspired by, stopp raggin on the guy. and as you can see people have many names on there lists that havent even fought mma before... inspiration doesnt just come from a fighters in ring performance lol, outside personality has alot too do with it too.... you can say what you want about tito, he talks shit cus he hypes fights up sells tickets , makes money simple . if you think hes like that outside of the octagon and outside of work, your an idiot. no offense

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