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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
I could not have said that better myself, honestly!
Rep is coming to you sir.

Only other thing I would add is that be aggressive doesn't mean be careless. I know a lot of guys who try to play the "active guard" and fail hard at it because they just throw things up and don't really think about the consequences. Playing guard you have to be 3 steps ahead at all times. It will come easier with practice, like everything in BJJ, but it pays to be both aggressive and passive. Learn to bait opponents and learn to use your technique, not your strength. You can gas yourself on the bottom much easier trying to force something.
Well said.

Originally Posted by MMAcase View Post
#1 rule for attacking in the guard is to control the posture , you have nothing if your not controlling your opponents posture, after that you can start attacking. When you first start attacking in the guard go for the basics like armbars and triangles , don't get discouraged if you can't nail one of them your first times rolling , no one ever starts off nailing things all over the place as a white belt , the only way to learn how to do the techniques properly is to drill them and go for them when rolling , if your opponent gets past your triangle attempt dont worry about it, its the attempt that counts and you will learn from it. On another thing if you break your opponent down and you know he is going to posture back up as soon as you release him why not follow him up for hip bump sweep, or pretend to go for a gi choke then trap his elbow to ur stomach giving you a shot at an armbar, thinking about little moves like this will really improve your guard game . good luck out there
Posture is everything, but it's not about controlling their posture, unless you're going to use a technique that requires their chest and head be down. I would say it's more about knowing what you can and can't do with your opponent in a certain position. If a guy puts his head in your chest and is holding your shoulders flat, you're probably not going to be able to armbar or triangle him unless you're unbelievably flexible.

Think of BJJ like a conversation. If one person is doing all of the talking(all of the techniques i.e sweeps, subs, passes) and the other person is just quiet(laying there like a dead fish then it isn't much of a conversation. In a conversation there is constant back and forth and sometimes you try to talk over one another and sometimes you just have to let him talk other times you need to dominate the conversation. The key is starting to understand and react to your opponent before you're stuck. Once you start to do that a little, then you're in the conversation.

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