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Rusty - Bahaha probably, he's so much bigger than I thought he was going to be. But he's a softy. He's been bitten 3 times by other dogs(2 nips on the ass one a proper bite) and he never retaliates, just uses his speed to get away from them and carries on with his sniffing and running duties.

Bud - BAhaha that post cracked me up. What a cute ass mother****er.

SJ - Jesus your dog looks nearly exactly like a dog I see nearly every day when out walking, he's like bets mates with mine as well haha. Lab mix? Bitta collie in there as well?

First 6 seconds. After that he slows down because throwing the ball with a camera in hand = I throw like a girl. At least that's my excuse for that throw anyways. Had to stop filming there, as if he doesn't come back to me and starts sniffing it means a huge turbo dump is about to occur. It did.

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