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KSW can't be fcuking serious, no kidding themselves ether, not just the fact that was a joke of a decision, but look at the results from the last 2 events (17 & 16) and 1st of all how heavily stacked it in favour of polish fighter victories against foreign opponents, and also that a polish fighter has never lost a decision.

Can only really mean 2 things, they are favouring the Polish fighters on the Judges score cards (this fight been a living example of this) or they are feeding polish fighters foreign cans (also note how rare it is for a Polish fighter to fight another polish fighter), odds are both of these conditions are true to have the stats they have coming in as results.

Simple conclusion is KSW is a fcuking joke, KSW is a racist organisation giving overwhelming advantage to Polish fighters, if your a foreign fighter then I would fcuk the idea off of fighting there if they where to offer and tell them to go fcuk themselves.

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