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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Actually that is twice what our GDP're thinking of the national debt which just reached 15 trillion, 5 trillion of which being accrued during the last 3 years alone.
Are you sure about that? After you stated that I questioned myself (thinking I got the number mixed's been a while) but found this on Wiki. Not sure if it's it's true (it's wiki after all).

The economy of the United States is the world's largest national economy. Its nominal GDP was estimated to be nearly $14.5 trillion in 2010
Either way, you if you are right that's even worse LMAO. The costs of both Iraq and Afghan wars has been (presently) about a little over 1 trillion dollars which this dwarfs by SEVEN freaking times. How many roads, how many schools etc.. could have been built? For those that have trouble with numbers 100,000 = 1000 hundred, 1 million = 1000 thousand, 1 billion = 1000 million, 1 trillion = 1000 billion, where the hell did all that money go? To pay off bad "investments" and why do we have to pay for it while we throw vet benefits, elderly benefits, important safety nets (for women and children etc..) out the window? To put just how grossly disgusting that amount is we could technically own the following countries for a year combined (and still have a good chunk left over):

140 Tajikistan
141 Rwanda
142 Kosovo
143 Niger
144 Malawi
145 Guinea
146 Kyrgyzstan
147 Barbados
148 Montenegro
149 Swaziland
150 Suriname
151 Mauritania
152 Togo
153 Fiji
154 Lesotho
155 Guyana
156 Maldives
157 Eritrea
158 Central African Republic
159 Sierra Leone
160 Cape Verde
161 Burundi
162 Bhutan
163 Belize
164 Antigua and Barbuda
165 Saint Lucia
166 Djibouti
167 Gambia,
168 Liberia
169 Seychelles
170 Guinea-Bissau
171 Grenada
172 Solomon Islands
173 Vanuatu
174 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
175 Saint Kitts and Nevis
176 Timor-Leste
177 Comoros
178 Samoa
179 Dominica
180 Tonga
181 Sao Tome and Principe São Tomé and Príncipe
182 Kiribati 183 Tuvalu

This was given to faceless entities with no improvement in our economy and nothing to show for it. AND no penalization for those responsible for it.

How the hell did we just give away that much money without very little oversight and almost no tracking, yep that's right LITTLE OVERSIGHT AND NO TRACKING. How come no one has gone to jail how come besides minor cosmetic changes has no real measures put in place for future prevention? Why isn't this spoken about by Obama or any of the GOP nominees or congress (both ailes and both parties)? Partisanship is a joke and is used to divid us while they rob us blind. It doesn matter if you are part of the Tea party movement or the OWS movement both are aware that there are serious problems that no one is addressing. Media is a joke and are run by 7 large corporations with vested interests in keeping you unware, divided and distracted. This is robbery plain and simple.

That's not even getting into our national debt and deficit (which is another topic altogether).

I give up.

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