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Train Like You Mean It!!!

I came across a website which was created by Eric Wong, a Professional MMA Trainer (with a background in Kinesiology) who's provided some really helpful information in terms of things to look-out for while training as an MMA Fighter.

He's offered some advice regarding one of the more popular misconceptions about how to properly train for throwing a punch. Accordingly, Eric's discussed "band" training as an example, warning that it's something we need to be really cautious about because it ineffectively trains the muscles in such a way that we actually end-up injuring ourselves while throwing a punch, after having practiced throwing shots with the band on.

Another really important aspect he's shared in his book is how a lot of fighters have a really "passive" mind-set while trying to create and stick to a structured plan for training more effectively. I KNOW this is key because as a Martial Artist myself, I've had first hand experiences where many schools I've come across didn't have much of a structured outline as to how to get their students disciplined enough to focus on areas that needed more attention to detail, thus setting them up for failure. And you know as well as I do that in order to become great at something, we first need to focus on becoming great at the basics, we then become capable of using our skills more creatively without looking like an amateur.

But as someone who doesn't have much time to take MMA training seriously due to a busy work schedule, my personal favorite topic that Eric covers is how we can still manage to get into great shape through working-out no more than 2 days a week! The author says that he was challenged to create some sort of a workout plan that wasn't time consuming, so that's what drove him to push for making a workout program that consisted of training for no more than a couple days a week.

Lastly, why take my word for it?

While searching for credible information regarding a certain topic, wouldn't you rather hear it coming from someone that specializes in that area, who's actually studied-up and attained a degree for that particular field?

So please don't take my word for anything I've mentioned so far but do yourself a favor and hear what Eric Wong, a true Professional MMA Trainer's gotta say about this awesome training regimen:

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