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Originally Posted by Voiceless View Post
Weird, it's hard to find any coverage in European news on that issue.

Its the ONLY news channell I watch. Free from governmental and banking ties. Totally independent. You get the REAL news fromt his channell. News about Banksters, the economy and how it really works, news stories about politicians and bankers that the BBC etc are too afraid to broadcast. Hilary clinton, a few months back mentioned that American news agencied needed a massive $200m+ cash injection to compete with this channell and other independents. Keep in mind that RT, was set up on less than $3 Milliion kinda shows how much a threat the US and The UK governments and national media see RT.

Originally Posted by sickcat View Post
I think it should be made clear that the Federal Reserve is NOT federal and it has NO reserves.
It is owned by its member banks, witch are all the big ones. The only connection to the federal government is that the president appoints the chairman and some of the governors.

So in truth, the article should read "Banks print 7.7 trillion dollars because they felt like it".

we're so screwed...
Very very true. Anytime the fed feel like getting richer, they simply print more money, quantitive easing as they like to call it. Any kind of national or global crisis, whether military, religious, monetary or whatever, the Fed WILL make money off of it. Its what they do. I can imagine a conversation between someone like Lloyd Blankfein (CEO of Goldman Sachs) and Obama.

LB.A threat to national security is it? Well you better go invade that country, and heres $3 or $4 trillion for starters. Pay back when you can, although keep in mind the interest! And if you would like to prolong the war for aslong as possible, that would be nice. If you can't pay the interest, then I'd sugest privatising something or rasising taxes. Let me know when you've finished in that country because I got a few more we can pick on and steal from.

Obama. Yes sir.

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