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Originally Posted by gigogreco View Post
hey guys.

so what im looking for, is a programme that solely builds strenght, without me gaining weight or getting bigger. Im contemplating doing an amateur mma fight , so i would have to have a programme which considers the fact, that i need to keep my weight in check.

I dont know if bodytype plays a big part if this, but im the type that rather quickly gets bigger. previously i boxed a bit and even there i gained a bit of weight in muscles and boxing is mostly cardio, so i dont know how to go about getting stronger, without getting bigger and gaining weight.

thanks in advance
In terms of looking to develop strength without gaining muscle mass, you'd probably want to look into "isometric training."

What you're doing is making a full contraction without completing the full range of motion of an exercise simply because the mechanics of the machine or device won't allow you to complete a full range of motion.

In example: I use an old-school Barbasol shaving cream can that's impossible to crush and squeeze it as hard as I'm able to for a total of 12 seconds and then switch hands. This increases your hand squeezing power DRAMATICALLY.

So again, you'd want to look for exercises that completely limit your range of motion while allowing you to make a full contraction.

You may wanna check-out some videos on youtube to see what an actual isometric workout looks like.

Here's something else you may wanna look into:
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