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Why 5 round non title fights are Bull Sh1t

It draws a line of in consistency into title races. has not really happened yet but it will.

Imagine the very realistic and invertible scenario where the result chances in the final 2 rounds of a No.1 contender fight, like for example fighter A wins the first 3 rounds then gets KO'ed in the 4th or the score is 29-28 in favour of fighter A then ends 47-48 in favour of fighter B, had the fight not been a 5 round non-title fight the title race has been totally switched

Now think about a No.1 contender slot fight that is a non main event and only 3 rounds, Fighter A wins the decision after 3 rounds, who is to say that if only this had been a main event fighter B would not have turned it round in the extra 2 rounds and gone on to win but thanks to not been granted the correct place of the card he never got the chance

The overall effect is that some fighters are going to have to work harder now for title shots that others, this will draw inconsistency in different divisions as well, look at how often a non-title fight main event will be a BW or FW fight those guys will never have to face a 5 round fight unless it is for a title.

Then there is the aspect of the "championship round" the added value given to a title fight, the "championship rounds" has now lost its meaning, just call then the extra rounds that the UFC decided to add to your fight because you where the main event.

If the UFC wants more 5 rounds fights there are better ways about it that just saying "your the main event so your fight is 5 rounds", then will this be the case for all main events, what if a main event is pulled due to injury and the co-main becomes the main, will that then at late notice become a 5 round fight? if not then its not then it even loses its very narrow meaning consistency of been a Main Event feature.

A better way to draw a consistency into and create more 5 round non title fights is to bring a title into the equation, the interim title and rules should be enforce to regulate the way an interim title is run.

Rule one should be only 1 interim title per division at any time.

Rule 2 should be the belts should be unified at the first possible opportunity hence injury forbidden, hence the intrim belt holder gets the next available title shot.

this way the UFC could choice to pull the Interim belt into play any time they wish to use on a main event only it has some meaning granting the winner the title shot no matter what to unify the belts, Interim belt its self would not be viewed as a championship belt but the holder can hold that belt and say "I AM THE NUMBER 1 CONTENDER" without dispute and would have a victory in a 5 round fight (dispute if it goes the distance or not) to prove it.

They should enforce this right this second and give both Bisping and Henderson the intrim belts and set them both up for the next availible title shots, its that simple.

On a final note: I dont see Dan getting the same hate as Bisping for gassing in his fight or Shogun the same as Miller for that matter and few are saying that Dan does not deserve the next avilible title shot because he gassed, like what they are saying about Bisping.

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