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Bullying has been around ever since the first time a group of kids got together thousands of years ago. Bullying is around because it's natural, it's human nature, it's what kids do. It's part of growing up.

PARENTS, PARENTS, PARENTS - need to teach their kids to stand up for themselves. Sadly, parents (my generation and the one above mine) are growing up in a media filled society that says words hurt, words are crimes, words are just oh - so - terrible.

We live in an America where kids get a trophy for participating, you don't even have to WIN anymore to get a trophy, you just have to show up. Kids are raised soft, weak, and if they get bullied or cornered, instead of fighting back, they cry and try to kill themselves. This is how they are raised now.

As for the video, -if- it's real and not a promotional stunt (I didn't follow the link, just watched the clip), then as Rusty said, he should kick the ass of anyone who bullies him. That's what used to happen when you got bullied, in fact, it still happens once in a while:

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