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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU
You, sir, are a moron. But that's just my opinion. I do hope someone with authority sees your post about killing a referee. Maybe next time you fight someone and they break your bones, they will continue to inflict damage on you, and when you get knocked out cold, they continue to punch you over and over and over and over again because if not, it would be an early stoppage.
Thats the problem with the "new" generation of "MMA" fans crying about "this rule" and "that rule" I truly miss the NHB days of MMA, no time limits, no weight classes, and pretty much no rules. You either tap, get knocked out, or your corner throws in the towel. Other than that, you fight! If I get my arm broke and I still want to fight, then I will. If Herbie hadn't stopped that fight then it would have ended with Mir getting his head smashed into the ground and being knocked out. This is a tough sport PERIOD There is no room for whinners. WouldLuv2FightU, if you would rather watch a nice little fairey tale match than I suggest you tune into WWF, cause the real deal is too much for you to handle. As far as the moron comment, your responce speaks for it self. I was not implying to actually kill anyone. It was more along the lines of, the guy really really really needs to be fired!
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